Additional Distance Learning Resources

March 18, 2020

Good afternoon,

In addition to the resources and activities provided by the county and the usual school resources that have been highlighted in recent communications, we wanted to send out some additional resources for families.  As with all of the distance learning resources that have been shared so far, these activities are all optional and non-graded, but we know that some families are interested in additional options and we wanted to curate some high-quality resources to share with all families.  We’ll try to share some additional sites, resources, and activities at regular intervals during the school closure.

At this time, many companies and organizations are offering free access to educational tools to families.  While many of these resources are probably terrific, please be aware that we can only provide support for tools that have been vetted by our instructional and IT departments and that are approved for use in the county.  Some “free” sites are asking families to request that teachers or schools create accounts on their behalf in order to gain access.  Unfortunately, this is not something that our faculty is able to do, as it violates our acceptable use policies.  We would also caution families to be careful when creating accounts, providing personal details, installing unknown software, or providing e-mail addresses, usernames, or passwords to websites you aren’t familiar with.  Please stay safe both online and off.  J

With all of that said, on to today’s resources (with special thanks to our SHES librarians)!


Online Distance Learning Resources

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems via the Kennedy Center: 1pm weekdays -

The author of “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” and the “Elephant and Piggie” books (among others) offers a daily live stream where he talks with children about his writing process and teaches them how to doodle and draw.  Past episodes are also available on YouTube.


Draw Every Day with JJK: 2pm weekdays -

The author of Lunch Lady & Jedi Academy (and SHES visiting author from a couple of years ago) also offers a daily live stream and archive of episodes on YouTube.


StoryTime from Space -

Videos of real astronauts reading books from space


Breakout EDU Fun@Home -

Digital breakouts recommended according to grade level (K-12) and topic. Contact Mrs. DeVylder if you have trouble accessing them (@email).


Scholastic Learn at Home -

20 days of activities sorted by grade level (no account required)


Year at a Glance Documents -

An overview document showing the overarching topics taught at each grade level is available on our school’s academics website (scroll past the big buttons at the top of the page to find the “year at a glance” section). 


3rd Quarter Planning and Pacing Documents -

The quarterly overview section of our planning and pacing guides will be posted to our school site over the next couple of days.  This is traditionally an internal document for staff use and may not match the exact pacing/sequence of units provided at each school.  Also, with this unprecedented closure, there may be changes to this year’s scope and sequence of learning topics.


Offline Resources:


This BINGO board doesn’t require a screen and will get the whole family up and moving.


This Community Learning board provides activities aligned to FCPS’ “Portrait of a Graduate” skills.  Thanks to Oakton HS for this resources.

Community Learning