Visual Arts at Spring Hill

Welcome to Visual Art at Spring Hill ES! The over-arching theme of the FCPS elementary art curriculum is A Sense of Place. Grade-level themes help our students understand themselves and their place in the world:

  • Kindergarten – Self 
  • First Grade – Family
  • Second Grade – Community
  • Third Grade – Culture
  • Fourth Grade – Time
  • Fifth Grade – Globalization
  • Sixth Grade – Identity. 

In the art room, we practice the skills necessary for success in this rapidly changing, increasingly diverse, and interconnected world… the Portrait of a Graduate.

  • We Communicate our ideas visually as well as verbally.
  • We Collaborate to develop ideas, give peer feedback, and work together.
  • We practice Ethical and Global Citizen skills by sharing our cultures and stories.
  • We use Creative and Critical Thinking skills throughout the art-making process when planning, producing, and reflecting.
  • Art-making can be difficult and scary, but by practicing perseverance in the art room, we can become Goal-Directed and Resilient Individuals.

To learn more about a particular FCPS K-6 grade-level Art Program of Studies (POS), click on the Fine Arts link within the grade level on the FCPS Elementary School Fine Arts site.

Our Art Teachers

Meet our Art Team!

Art teachers
SHES Art Team: Dorothy Moon (left) and Carolyn Gore-Ashe

Dorothy Moon

  • Favorite Thing About Spring Hill: The students, staff and community.
  • Favorite School Subject: Art
  • Favorite Color: Black & White
  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Favorite Animal:  Sea Turtle

Carolyn Gore-Ashe

  • Favorite Thing About Spring Hill: Watching my students grow up at Spring Hill!
  • Favorite School Subject: Art! I love to cut paper and stitch
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Food: Brownies
  • Favorite Animal:  My son & daughter-in-law's miniature Australian Shepherd


Find out more about why the Art teachers love working at Spring Hill: