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Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.
-Helen Keller
Phoebe Emerick; She is very inquisitive, excited about music, and pursues outside interests. I am in 6th grade with Mrs. Smith; My favorite thing about Springhill is all the musical opportunities. I play the Upright Bass for the Springhill Orchestra and I enjoy choir. I am exited to join higher levels of singing and playing with the band in orchestra. My favorite school subject is probably writing. I like to write a lot and sometimes when I’m at school I write something that I’m really proud of. I like to read. Some of my favorite books are The Lunar Chronicles and Keeper of the Lost Cities. I like to play with some of the kids on my street. I also like to laugh a lot with my older sisters. I’m not sure yet. I think that I haven’t found my thing. Although writer and musician are on the list.


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Nazanin Farchtchi Art Teacher; Teaching art, encouraging creativity and helping my students to love art!; B.A. Hunter College, NYC ( FIlm and Media); I was a Fashion Stylist in NYC for many years; My favorite thing about Spring Hill is the community.

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Kerry Desai; I have been a proud SHES parent for 7 years now! Ellie graduated from 6th grade last year, and just started middle school at Cooper. Abby is in 5th grade. I volunteer throughout the year in a variety of capacities, and have served as the Room Parent Lead in the past. We love to travel, and hope to visit many countries as a family. SHES is truly a special place, and we feel blessed to have landed here! Our girls have formed lifelong friendships (as have I), and we are so grateful for this community. The teachers are a HUGE part of what makes SHES such a fabulous environment. There are so many that I don't want to leave anyone out. Mrs. Swiers, Mrs. Chang, Mrs. O'Conner, Mrs. DeVylder, Mrs. Barlow, Mrs. Deornellas, Mrs. Minutoli, Mr. Freeman have ALL been amazing teachers, and share so much positive energy with our students. And I especially want to give a shout out to Mrs. Strandlund - she has a special gift, and was born to be an educator. Thank you all for everything you do!


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