SOL Review and Resources


The Virginia Department of Education's SOL site has a wealth of resourses available to help prepare for the test:

SOL and Testing Homepage - Portal for all VDOE resources

Computer Adaptive Testing - All grade level tests in Math and Reading will be adaptive, meaning that the next question a student receives will be dependent on whether the previous question was answered correctly or incorrectly.  This page offers additional details about the computer adaptive format.

TestNav and Practice Items - This page explains more about the TestNav system that students will use to take the online test.  Families can install the TestNav software on their home devices to access online practice items.

Released Tests - This page offers printable, paper-and-pencil versions of complete tests from 2014/2015.  Some standards have changed or been updated since these tests were used and may not be 100% reflective of the content on the current year's test.

Released Test Archives - PDF versions of older released tests are available here.

Additional Practice Resources

SOL Pass - Offers a variety of practice activities for the 5th grade science and 4th grade VA studies SOLs (password is "panther1")

Jefferson Labs - Offers quizzes composed of released SOL questions from the VDOE sites mentioned above.

2019 Testing Schedule

SOL Schedule