Visual Arts at Spring Hill

Welcome to Visual Art at Spring Hill ES! The over-arching theme of the FCPS elementary art curriculum is A Sense of Place. Grade-level themes help our students understand themselves and their place in the world:

  • Kindergarten – Self 
  • First Grade – Family
  • Second Grade – Community
  • Third Grade – Culture
  • Fourth Grade – Time
  • Fifth Grade – Globalization
  • Sixth Grade – Identity. 

In the art room, we practice the skills necessary for success in this rapidly changing, increasingly diverse, and interconnected world… the Portrait of a Graduate.

  • We Communicate our ideas visually as well as verbally.
  • We Collaborate to develop ideas, give peer feedback, and work together.
  • We practice Ethical and Global Citizen skills by sharing our cultures and stories.
  • We use Creative and Critical Thinking skills throughout the art-making process when planning, producing, and reflecting.
  • Art-making can be difficult and scary, but by practicing perseverance in the art room, we can become Goal-Directed and Resilient Individuals.

To learn more about a particular FCPS K-6 grade-level Art Program of Studies (POS), click on the Fine Arts link within the grade level on the FCPS Elementary School Fine Arts site.

Our Art Teachers