Students Honor Veterans Through Music and Learning

By Kate Allen
November 12, 2021

Spring Hill Elementary students honored veterans on Thursday through music, activities and even a Zoom meeting! Before the bell rang on Thursday morning, members of the band were seated in front of the school entrance with their instruments poised and ready to play. The students, led by Band Director Dan Freeman, performed a piece entitled, “Heroes” for our Armed Forces Veterans. They wanted to thank the veterans of our community and send the message that our Veterans and Active Service personnel are America’s true heroes. Students and families clapped and thanked them for their performance as they finished with smiles on their faces.

Other Spring Hill students were able to connect with a veteran through the use of technology. Nicole Swiers's fifth grade class participated in a Zoom meeting with Mr. Tracy Emerick, retired Army and grandfather of fifth grade student Phoebe Emerick. He served in Germany as a company commander and a hospital administrator in the medical service corps. Mr. Emerick is currently a New Hampshire state representative and the students enjoyed talking to him to learn more about his life and service. 


SHES Students Celebrate Veterans Day