Spring Hill Focus on Mindfulness & Connection in the New Year

By Kate Allen
February 14, 2022

This school year, more than ever before, it is important to Spring Hill staff to connect with their students and teach them how to regulate their bodies & emotions. In the K-1 wing and the 2nd grade pod, staff have posted Sensory Walk posters, including both calming and alerting stations. When students need a break or need to wake up their minds & bodies, they can visit these stations and follow the directions on the poster to complete a quick activity. This teaches students about self-care, self-regulation and mindfulness. 

When students arrive in the morning, teachers greet students in different ways to start building those relationships from the moment students enter the classroom. In this time of social distancing, teachers have become creative with using special greetings designed for keeping it fun while maintaining a safe space. In the pictures below, you can see examples of these greetings including "air high five", "heart hands" or "feet bump". Students and teachers alike love starting the day off with this fun connection. 

For more mindfulness resources, please visit our Student Wellness Resources & Calming Corner