Third Grade Goes to Egypt!

Mr. Nalley's third grade class presents their Egyptian research projects to parents

By Kate Allen
February 17, 2022

M. Nalley's third grade class just finished up a research writing project and wanted to share their learning with families. Each student researched a different aspect of ancient Egypt, from agriculture to animals, and put together a slide presentation with their findings. Mr. Nalley dressed up in a costume and encouraged his students to do the same, with some wearing necklaces or headpieces and others coming in full costumes. They all gathered in the cafeteria where parents were anxiously waiting to see their students' hard work.

As each student stepped up to the microphone, parents picked up their phones to record the moment with huge smiles on their faces. Students read through their slideshow as Mr. Nalley controlled the flow from his remote and sent encouraging looks when a student got stuck. The whole class listened intently and respectfully through the presentations and everyone in the audience clapped enthusiastically when each student finished. 

Parents were excited to be invited and to be able to see what their students have been working on. Mr. Nalley thanked them for coming and reminded them how important they are in helping their students to grow as writers. He promised more events like this one, to the delight of the families in the room. 

See below for pictures of this fun event, and thank you, Mr. Nalley for sharing your morning!