Spring Door Decorating Contest

By Kate Allen
Photo Gallery
April 01, 2022

Spring was in the air this week as classes competed for best spring-themed door! The contest was created by one of our very own students as part of her auction prize. Haylee won Principal for a Day at the auction and, in addition to making announcements and shadowing Principal Eck for the day, she got the chance to see her door decorating contest idea come to life! At the end of the day, the doors were judged by Haylee and the administration team. The students had fun showing their creative side, and it was a great way to kick off Spring Break!   

Congratulations to the winners!

Kindergarten: Mrs. Momeni’s Class

First Grade: Mrs. Hollingsworth’s Class

Second Grade: Ms. Takacs’ Class

Third Grade: Mrs. Michaels’ Class

Fourth Grade: Ms. Nordeman’s Class

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Gibbs’ Class

Sixth Grade: Mrs. Minutoli’s Class


Principal For a Day, Haylee, with the real Principal, Mrs. Eck!



See the slideshows below for the decorated doors!